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Ecobike Helsinki

 Monday 14.15-18.00, often also Tue,Wed & Thu (call first)
Tel: +358 400 844 358
Savilankatu 1 b, 00250 Helsinki
EMAIL: ecobike.helsinki(ät)gmail.com

Please read this before you send questions about bike rentals (and try to include at least this info in your first mail):
1. When you need the bikes.(hour&date)
2. Your arrival date+time in Finland (this is usually different from point 1,but often very important (for us) to know.
3.The amount of the bikes needed,how tall are the riders, the kind of use (long distance trekking/ city riding /something else)
4. If you want to start biking a.s.a.p after your arrival,please let us know also your flight number,and we can possibly meet you near the airport...
5.The bikes come with good locks,but if you want extra security,please bring your own U-lock. That applies to helmets as well (you'll get a free helmet ,but not as good as your own...)
6. Our standard rental bikes have hand brakes in front and back. If you want to have pedal brakes,just mention it. And if you can handle any type of brake,you're our favorite customer!
 More info : Most likely open on other weekdays,too (call first...)

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        of the old premises next to the Parliament house] Old Ecobike Premises Directions to Ecobike